“Improve People’s Lives”

Jimmy Darbyshire

Our mission statement is simple: “Improve people’s lives”. Our founder, Jimmy Darbyshire, loves people and likes to make their lives better. There are lots of ways to improve people’s lives. We all cannot be great leaders that mobilize the masses, but we all can contribute in our own small way. Darby Solutions focuses on technical solutions.

Websites are often a quick and affordable way to improve lives. At a minimum, a website is a simple advertisement that can bring more business to your organization. Every organization should have at least a basic web site that has a splash screen, about page, and contact page. This is the business card of the 21st Century! Darby Solutions provide a basic to you for a minimal price.

Most organizations can use more than just a simple advertisement. Websites can do far more! Darby Solutions can develop a site to list your products, take orders, manage contacts, schedule activities, manage business flow, and much more! We can move the data that you may track in a spreadsheet to an easily accessible website. These higher end websites price depend on complexity.

Darby Solutions uses Responsive Web Design (RWD). We believe that a website should look nice whether on a smart phone or desktop computer. In addition, we want the site to have the same look and functionality on platforms. Darby Solutions also believes in the and KISS philosophy (“Keep It Simple Stupid”). We like to keep web sites simple so that impatient eyes can find the information that they need quickly. We also want to make sure that the site loads quickly.

Let Darby Solutions Help Your Organization!