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Terms of Service

Darby Solutions is a relationships service. We specialize in identifying peoples’ personalities and putting them in situations to achieve a happier life. This ranges from holding events where you can meet new friends to employment services that leverage your personality. Our focus is putting compatible people together, but we do other services that help groups be more organized and have fun.

We try to put people together in groups of three or more. We avoid putting people in one on one situations. We also discourage dialog on our site between individual members. This is mainly for safety and to prevent awkward situations. You will be meeting strangers that we do not screen. Be careful!

Our biggest rule is DON’T BE A JERK!

Here are some rules:

  • One account per person
  • Don’t lie
  • Follow the law
  • Don’t use our service to promote your organization without our permission
  • Do not post mean, insulting or rude comments
  • Treat others how you want to be treated
  • Treat others the way you would want others to treat your loved ones
  • Treat the organizations that we work with respectfully

Privacy Policy

Darby Solutions is part of Darbyshire, LLC. The information that you provide is added to the Darbyshire, LLC data systems. It is not sold or transferred to other organizations except those assisting Darbyshire, LLC. By default, your “user name” may be displayed on the website. We require a legal name to be entered along with the user name. Your name may be used at events but can enter a “preferred” name to use instead of your legal name. By default, the other information that you provide will be for internal use only. We take pictures at events that might include you and may be posted on the website.